dLAN 500 AV Wireless+ Starter Kit Review

By Geoff Bowen,


As Peter Kay might say, “WiFi, it’s the future – I’ve tasted it”. You realise this is true when your relatives visit and, within minutes of crossing the threshold, proceed to pull out their gadgets and demand to know your WiFi password. This ever increasing demand on my connection, combined with keeping up with the Joneses, led me to recently splash out on a fibre broadband connection.

Having paid Sky a healthy premium for their “Pro” connection, I wanted to ensure I was getting the maximum possible speed – which is 80mb downstream and 20mb upstream. You’ll therefore understand my disappointment when I ran a couple of speed tests and discovered I could only get a download speed of around 35mb. Changing the router’s WiFi channel led to a small increase, but I was left feeling pretty peeved that I was paying for a service that I couldn’t actually get.

That’s when I decided to try connecting directly to the router with an ethernet cable. Hey presto, suddenly I was getting a download speed of around 76mb. The problem is that my office isn’t near the router and permanently running a cable across the house wasn’t an option. At this stage I should also mention that we were struggling to get WiFi in the garden (which I believe Twitter refers to as a #middleclassproblem!).

If only there was one stone with which to kill these two birds… well ok, it doesn’t take a genius to realise that dLAN 500 AV Wireless+ starter kit could be the stone I needed. This kit, from the folks at Devolo, has the potential to deliver both an ethernet cabled speed in another room (through their Powerline technology) as well as extending our network through its integrated WiFi.

But, before we go further, here is a quick unboxing video for those who enjoy them:

So, was the dLAN 500 AV the solution to our problem? In a word, yes. The beauty of the product is that, like Ronseal, it does exactly what it says on the tin. You just run the supplied cable from your router in to the smaller 500 AVplus adapter and plug it in. Then, somewhere else in your house, plug-in the larger ‘Wireless+’ adapter. I then connected my work PC to this socket with an ethernet cable and it instantly gave me the 76mb download speed I’d be after. Having the plug on the other side of the house also enabled us to surf the web while sunbathing in the garden! You simply login to the WiFi network using the name and password printed on the plug and, like the rest of this kit, it just works ‘automagically’.