Grand St: Indie Gadgets for People by People

By Shem Pennant,

As we covered when we looked at Makers, there is a small revolution happening in the Internet of Things. Slowly but surely people, not giant corporations are making interesting and useful tech and getting in into the hands of other people. One of the coolest places for small-batch gadgets that stands apart from the mass produced novelty warehouses that dominate the Internet, is Grand St – a market place for creative gadgets. Grand St have recently exited closed beta so we thought we’d check out some of their wares.


Sensordrone:The Sensordrone adds multi-sensor functionality to your smartphone – functionality that most of you don’t need. But that’s the charm of Grand St – niche gadgets can thrives. The included sensors tell you colour and light intensity, the carbon monoxide levels, humidity, and much more. And it can also be readily expanded – open source hardware if you will.


Blink Steady: Blink Steady is the perfect bike light hewn from pristinely-machined solid aluminium and hand-crafted in the epicentre of cool Brooklyn, NY. The buttonless bike light will emit a steady blink or beam depending on its orientation, with a visible beam range of 120 degrees. The included accelerometer and light sensors mean that Blink Steady only works when it is supposed to – when it’s dark and your bike is moving.


Touchfire: An iPad keyboard overly that provides tactile feedback as you type, improving accuracy and speed. Snapping into place via the magic of magnets, Touchfire is incredibly lightweight and easily folds away into an Apple Smart Cover so that it’s always with you.


Powerpot: The PowerPot is insane but also insanely useful. PowerPot is a camping mess kit from the future, cast in anodised weatherproof aluminium. The embedded thermoelectric mini-generator creates enough power to charge most USB devices and it also includes 5 LED USB lights that provide enough power for reading.


Waka Waka Power : If you want to get off the grid take a look at the Waka Waka Power, a solar-powered light and battery backup. You can use it to charge nearly any smartphone, and it doubles as a bright lantern. On an 8-hour solar charge, you can get up to 100 hours of light on low power, 40 hours on medium, and 20+ hours on high.