Acton’s RocketSkates – first smart electric skates

RocketSkaters by ACTON are the newest on-shoe skating option. Take roller-skates, add electric engines and balancing technologies and you get RocketSkaters! They may sound simple but it took a lot of research and hard work for the founder of ACTON to rocket the SpnKix prototype to the next level.

After a successful campaign on Kickstarter, ACTON is preparing itself to launch its electric roller-skates into the 21st century. Created for the street, there are 3 different models that are all capable of a maximum speed of 12mph and are remote-free. The 1st option has a battery life of 45min that has enough juice for about 6miles, the 2nd set have a battery life of 70min that will do 8miles and as for the 3rd it can last up to 90min and carry you about 10 miles – much easier than walking. All three models model weigh in at about 3kg and have strap in design that let you choose the shoes you’d like to wear with them – within reason that is!

To start you will have to choose your leading foot, like you do for snow-boarding. This foot will wear the leading skate even if both are motorised – one foot will lead the other and tell the follower skate what speed to go at as they are both equipped with microprocessor.

The RocketSkaters are water resistant but not waterproof, so make sure to avoid deep puddles – the tractor version is not yet available! A good point is that you can walk as well with them, no need to take them off to walk. However, walking with two 3kg weights on your feet may not be particularly easy!

The skaters include a dashboard giving you simple information like distance travelled, battery power, and skate diagnostics. It doesn’t stop there either, the skates are equipped with Bluetooth and drivers apps have been developed so you can tell your skates to come to you or send them on a spy mission with a camera. A route mapping app is available too, allowing you to plan your journey. You can also use this app to team up with the RocketSkates community and meet up for races and events.

ACTON plan to start shipping RocketSkates in October 2014 in the U.S and should start in Europe and Asia by November 2014, with no word on pricing as yet.

For more information visit ACTON.