Adesso’s Slimtouch 212 brings flexibility and usability to the table


Adesso are best known for making sturdy and rugged keyboards with a price that reflects their build quality, so the low-cost, ultra-flexible SlimTouch 212 is something of a change of pace. It’s only really suited for people with very particular needs, but looks to be good value for that sector.

The manufacturers use the term “hyperflexible” to describe the keyboard, which is less than half an inch thick. While it doesn’t appear you’ll be able to roll it up (the keys are recessed as with a standard computer keyboard), it should fit into even the most awkward of spaces in a bag without worry.

It’s in the “mini” form, which means it’s just over 12 inches across. To put that into context, it’s about the same size as the main section of a full-size keyboard, from ESC to F12. Thanks to some creative arrangement of extra keys like “Home” and the arrows, this means the individual keys aren’t that much smaller than with the full-size setup. For added control, the function keys double up as multimedia and internet hotkeys.

The other big selling point is the silicon-based coating that encases the entire keyboard. That makes it completely protected against damage from water, dust or oils. It also means its possible to clean the keyboard with disinfectants or good old soap and water without worrying about electrical damage. For added reassurance for the health conscious, the coating is also antimicrobial, cutting down on the potential for germs to build up.


The SlimTouch 212 works with all Windows systems from 2000 onwards and connected via USB, with a handy six-foot cable length for added versatility. It’s suggested retail price is a very reasonable US$29.99 (around £18.50). That makes it a viable option both for those who travel a lot and those who need something that will stand up to unfavourable conditions such as industrial or medical settings.