A stylish thumbs up for the new Philips Moda 2 Monitor


OK, so it might not be as big as the 40-inch Philips 4K monitor Latest Gadgets recently produced a round up on, but the new Philips Moda 2 monitor, with its 27-inch IPS display, is still pretty darn big.

The new Philips 275c5QHAW is introduced by MMD, a technology company and brand license partner for Philips Monitors. Proudly marketing the monitor as the “display with sense appeal”, the Moda 2 appeals to viewers’ senses –apparently.

With its glossy white Moda design and minimalist look, this yet-to-be-released 27-inch monitor certainly looks to have a rather eye-catching design. According to Thomas Schade, Vice President EMEA and MMD:

“Looks really matter when people choose a display for their living room. We’re confident that the new display will attract attention for all the right reasons.”

But what do the slightly less biased tech press have to say about the new Philips Moda 2?

Oh My Gadget! is somewhat bowled over by the fact the Moda 2 enables you to show videos from your smartphone without any wires. Being equipped with built-in 7 watt speakers which support the Bluetooth connection users can play video and audio content on the monitor with portable devices, completely wire free.

For surround-sound enthusiasts, the Moda 2 boasts acoustic audio 5.1 on the basis of SRS WOW HD, the net result being surround-sound.

Another note-worthy trait of this monitor is its slight frame, just 2.5mm, which, according to Oh My Gadget! “makes it virtually invisible and increases the viewing area.”

A super-slim frame

Tech Boom is pretty impressed with this sleek and slim monitor. According to its review, this model uses an IPS panel and achieve “the most brilliant images and extended viewing angles of 178 degrees.”

Also picking up on the fact the monitor’s speaker Bluetooth can be used to connect a portable device, Tech Boom is quick to point out you can even answer calls directly from your computer.

Flicker-Free technology

Long gone are the days when we staring into a flickering screen all day would result in eye-fatigue, headaches, or, worse still, migraines, as the Philips Moda 2 is equipped with Flicker-Free technology, designed, as Tech Boom, states, to reduce flicker and regulate the brightness.

According to Crowded Brain, with AH-IPS technology, viewers can enjoy extra-wide viewing angles, from virtually any angle. As the CrowdedBrain review states, with a Full HD widescreen resolutions of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the monitor’s display “supports the highest HD resolution for maximum picture quality.”

All-in-all it seems to be a thumbs up for this definitely stylish looking monitor.


The new Philips Moda 2 is expected to retail around £279.