CES 2015 Video: Virtuix Omni

CES displays a staggering amount of pioneering tech every year in every field, and it certainly hasn’t disappointed the gaming crowd this year. The Virtuix Omni promises to take gaming to where it has previously been unable to tread – full virtual reality, right down to physical movement. Using a raised platform and paired with Virtual Reality kits created by Oculus Rift, the player’s running speed, actions and manoeuvres are recorded right down to the slightest detail. The system will reportedly be compatible with all PC games, with console support as yet to be announced. Watch the video above and discover more about what may be the future of high-tech, high-immersion gaming.

The system will be available in April 2015 at a price of $499, until February 2016 when this price raises to $699. Visit Virtuix to find out more.