CES 2015 Video: 4mom’s mamaRoo Bluetooth baby bouncer

4mom’s mamaRoo, as showcased this year at CES, could be the newest boon for parents with young children that appreciate movement. It’s a high-tech baby bouncer, controllable on your smartphone or tablet, that is able to move ‘like you do’ i.e. in similar patterns that a young child might be used to – such as a car ride or sitting on a parent’s lap. It also offers built-in sound effects like the sound of rain to calm your child to sleep. The custom-built app and buttons on the unit allow the user to change between these modes and sounds on the fly. Watch the video above to see the mamaRoo in action.

The mamaRoo is available now at $239.99 without a plush seat, or $269.99 with the plush included. Visit 4moms to find out more.