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CES 2015 Video: SelfieBrush, smartphone holder hairbrush

The SelfieBrush, from the creators of The Wet Brush, shows more of the more quirky side of the gadgetry displayed at CES 2015. The brush allows the user to slide their smartphone (iPhone 5/5S/6, Galaxy S4 and an upcoming Galaxy S5 model) into the brush itself, displaying the screen from the back of your phone. This could be a boon for anyone struggling to get ready with no mirror, or anyone needing to send a quick text while they rush to get ready. Of course, the brush also aims for the social media crowd, many of whom will love the ease of use you will be able to take selfies with the brush. Watch the video above to see the SelfieBrush in action.

The SelfieBrush is available now for $19.99. For more information visit SelfieBrush.