CES 2015 Video: Pacif-i Bluetooth baby pacifier/dummy

CES 2015 has been quick to support parents of young children, from the momaRoo to the Baby Glgl. Next to present their newest tool to new parents were Blue Maestro with their Pacif-i Bluetooth pacifier for babies. This isn’t any ordinary Pacifier – with Bluetooth connectivity and built-in sensors, the pacifier will send information such as the baby’s temperature and location. The dummy also contains a built-in tracker so if the baby drops it you won’t stumble across it several days later. Free apps for IOS and Android will be released to allow parents and carers to manage the dummy’s measurements and medication for the child, for example. Watch the video above for a look at the upcoming Pacif-i.

The Pacif-i is available to pre-order for £25 and is due for an early 2015 release. Visit Blue Maestro to find out more.