Hands-on: Karcher’s WV2 Premium

Condensation in the home and office has to be one of the most difficult things to tackle in daily life. When you’re in an enclosed space that’s prone to condensation, you need a quick way to remove it before your windows look like they’ve been whitewashed. Karcher, a German company, aims to challenge this with its popular range of window vacuums – or ‘Window Vacs’ with its top-of-the-line release, the WV2 Premium.

The WV2 Premium and its family work like small handheld vacuum cleaners with a wide blade. It removes condensation with a swift and satisfying swipe – it is however prone to leaving streaky marks on the window, which can be frustrating. Nonetheless, it does as intended, and in our experience with the WV2 it has shown shown it is a far superior alternative to the familiar cloth method of water removal. Watch the video above to see us unboxing the WV2 premium.

The WV2 Premium is available now. Visit Karcher to find out more. If you’d like to see us comparing the new WV2 Premium to the older generation WV50, click here.