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 Mobiles & Accessories

We review and play with the latest and greatest mobile phones, from the cutting edge smartphones right through to an easy-to-use phone for your grandparents! We also review mobile accessories and related gadgets.


Samsung’s Galaxy A3 and A5 take aim at the Chinese market

Some smartphones like to offer “credible” USPs such as waterproofing, which genuinely seem like a good idea. Others turn their focus towards things like the “selfie” generation, which like it…


Alcatel OneTouch Idol 2 Mini S – the mid-range mobile built to impress

If you don’t want to tie yourself down to a pricey monthly contract and still want a current generation smartphone, your best bet may be to look outside the big…


Motorola 360 – best looking smartwatch to date?

With Apple confirming that it will be releasing a smartwatch, the battle is well and truly on to see who can produce the most popular timepiece. While functionality isn’t a…


Blackberry Passport: are looks all that matter?

It’s big. Its corners are concisely squared. It’s got a large touch screen and a prominent touch-enabled keyboard. It certainly doesn’t sound like the wave of bendy, rounded, dainty and…


Galaxy Note Edge: curves in all the right places?

“A superb-looking handset that offers something brand-new in the market. Let’s hope Samsung doesn’t make the Note Edge a limited edition,” were the words of Tech Radar. Considering that when…


Nokia Lumia 735 – the selfie smartphone

Microsoft is getting bedded in with its new Nokia acquisition and one of the more interesting devices to come off the production line recently is the Lumia 735 – a…


Sony’s Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact – their latest and greatest smartphones

Sony has done a nice job of creating a little elbow-room for itself in the Smartphone market, aided initially by its key differentiator – waterproofing. Anyone who has inadvertently dropped…


The HTC Desire 510 delivers budget 4G goodness

Amidst the furore surrounding its high-end One M7 and M8, HTC has been slipping mid-range devices under our noses, many of which are piggybacking the now iconic design of the…


Review Round-up: Sharp Aquos Crystal Smartphone

Breaking into the Smartphone market is no easy task – the key vendors are pretty well established and are updating and refining models at a fast enough pace to ensure…


Microsoft’s Lumia 530: the cheapest top-of-the-line smartphone

Microsoft announced today there will be UK availability for its new Lumia 530 smartphone. While you may be thinking “oh another Lumia, what’s new?” This one could really be a…


Samsung’s new Alpha – the latest saga in Samsung’s Galaxy Quest

Samsung has just unveiled its latest handset – the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. What is all the fuss about? Starting with the size, it is rather slim at just 6.7 mm thick…


First look: Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

Samsung’s grip on the Android smartphone market shows no signs of slowing down – it continues to headline the top-end with powerhouse devices and has catered nicely to less demanding…


Vodafone announce two new “own brand” 4G phones

Vodafone has launched the Smart 4 Turbo 4G smartphone and, coming soon, the Smart 4 Power. We decided to have a quick look at both to see if they have…


Microsoft’s latest Lumia (the 930) comes to the UK

Microsoft’s popular smartphone range will be receiving a new addition in mid-July this year with the release of the Lumia 930 smartphone. Microsoft’s latest smartphone will be releasing in the…


ALCATEL launch “super-colourful affordable LTE” POP S3 smartphone

In the words of Alcatel – “Make it faster keep it POP”. The POP S3 is the latest 4G phone from Alcatel trying to compete with the iPhone 5c and…

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