Quirky Gadgets For Your Bank Holiday BBQ

Is it just us, or does it feel that every weekend is a Bank Holiday weekend at the moment? Not that we’re complaining of course – we’ll save that for the weather, which is looking predictably unpredictable. That said, we’re going to work on the naive assumption that the weekend will be basked in glorious … Continue reading Quirky Gadgets For Your Bank Holiday BBQ

Grillbot: BBQ Cleaning Robot

Robotic gadgets often work best when they prevent us having to do tiring and repetitive physical work, and that’s certainly an apt description for cleaning a barbeque grill. Enter the Grillbot: a gadget that looks and works a lot like the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner but for your grill. As with the Roomba, the Grillbot … Continue reading Grillbot: BBQ Cleaning Robot