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Breaking free from vacuum filters: the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball

It’s certainly got an attention-grabbing name – The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball. But does Dyson’s latest vacuuming construction live up to its warrior-esque title? Any newly-released vacuum by Dyson has…


Top 5 Father’s Day Ideas

Who doesn’t love a made-up holiday designed to perpetuate gender stereotypes and sell merchandise? It’s that time of year again and Father’s Day is upon us. Still it fun giving…


Grillbot: BBQ Cleaning Robot

Robotic gadgets often work best when they prevent us having to do tiring and repetitive physical work, and that’s certainly an apt description for cleaning a barbeque grill. Enter the…


iRobot Mirra 530 and Looj 330 Pool and Gutter Cleaners: Robot Chores

Pool cleaning isn’t normally the first type of manual labour (or in some parts of California, Manuel labour) that I would assume would be under threat from robots. According to…


The best of the Gadget Show Live @ Christmas – part 2

Make sure you check out part one of this guide from yesterday. The Gadget Show Live @ Christmas brought all sorts of fun and games to East London. We had…


iRobot Roomba 600: When Will Smith takes on vacuuming

Keeping your house neat and tidy can be a nightmare at times, especially if you live in a one-bedroom flat like myself… There are just not enough hours in the…


Neato XV-25 robotic vacuum cleaner review

Sweep away hair and allergens without lifting a finger This is like a dream come true – as I write this, a small robotic vacuum is navigating its way around…


Robomow RM510: Never push a lawnmower again

Cutting the grass was the ultimate excuse for me to get out of doing housework or the washing up. Of course in winter I had to resort to alternative scenarios…


Limey – The Danish Made Tap Head Cleaner

I make no secret of the fact that I am wildly in love with Danish design and its combination of industrial technology, simplicity and functionalism. When I went to Copenhagen…


Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush: The iPhone of toothbrushes

I love technology crammed where you wouldn’t normally think to put it. One of my favourite things I came across last year was a fridge with a built-in, internet-connected touchscreen….


iRobot Roomba 700 Series

We’re suckers for automated vacuum cleaners here at Latest Gadgets – there’s just something of the future about them. That’s why we’re pretty excited that the creators of the world’s…


Clean up in style: The latest and greatest in vacuum cleaners

Who would have thought you could be stylish while you’re vacuuming? Well Yat Wong-Jones, buyer of small electrical appliances at John Lewis, who, we suspect, is going to turn out…


CarPET pet hair remover

Imagine this…You’re about to go for that all important job interview and you’re feeling and looking confident in your new black ‘power’ suit when you get up from the sofa…


Samsung’s Navibot Silencio: Grime fighting robot

For the vast majority of the population who dislike cleaning, languid thoughts must have entered your mind as you nonchalantly vacuum up, about transferring your much disdained household chores on…


TWIG: Brasso Gadgetcare, Twonky Beam and Savoo Answers

The Week in Gadgets. As someone who is surrounded by glossy screens I’ve grown to accept that there will be a certain, unavoidable number of smudges on all my devices….