Top 5 Tech Kickstarters

Kickstarter is making dreams come to life through the power of crowd funding. One of the hottest categories on the site is Technology. Professional and amateur inventors alike are trying their hand at making our lives better, easier or just plain fun. Here are the top five Technology Kickstarters you can contribute to. Don’t delay, … Continue reading Top 5 Tech Kickstarters

Grand St: Indie Gadgets for People by People

As we covered when we looked at Makers, there is a small revolution happening in the Internet of Things. Slowly but surely people, not giant corporations are making interesting and useful tech and getting in into the hands of other people. One of the coolest places for small-batch gadgets that stands apart from the mass … Continue reading Grand St: Indie Gadgets for People by People

Lytro: Light Rays and Living Pictures

Photography – especially the mid-range point and click market has been in trouble for some time now. People, for the most part, love to take pictures but a quick glance on Facebook or Instagram shows that they don’t always care about the quality. And when the camera bundle with your phone is “good enough” then … Continue reading Lytro: Light Rays and Living Pictures

Top 5 Wearable Technology

Although it is too early to tell whether wearable technology is here to stay or yet another passing fad, hardware manufacturers and software developers are pursuing this latest opportunity in an attempt to attract new customers and generate valuable revenue. However, even with an increasing amount of time and money spent on exploring wearable technology, … Continue reading Top 5 Wearable Technology

iRobot Ava 500: Enterprise Robotics

The Ava 500 Video Collaboration Robot, produced by iRobot and Cisco, is set to provide an executive remote meeting experience that’s a significant step up from the standard setup of Skype or Google Hangouts combined with a laptop. The Ava 500 can also be used to tour factories, labs, customer service centres and other locations … Continue reading iRobot Ava 500: Enterprise Robotics