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Hands On With The HTC M9 – Evolution Or Revolution?

The release of HTC’s M9 is perhaps the company’s most significant launch since the M7 – a device that for many represented the very pinnacle of the premium smartphones market….

The HTC Desire 510 delivers budget 4G goodness

Amidst the furore surrounding its high-end One M7 and M8, HTC has been slipping mid-range devices under our noses, many of which are piggybacking the now iconic design of the…

HTC One Max review round-up

HTC received a much needed boost to a flagging reputation when it released the HTC One, so it’s not entirely surprising to see the Taiwanese smartphone giant milking this success…


The Ultimate HTC One Accessories Collection

It’s no secret that, at least by its own high standards, HTC has fallen from grace over the last year, with Samsung and perennial competitor Apple stealing enough of the…


HTC One X review: Android in a league of its own

We got our hands on HTC’s mid-range One S last month and this week we got our mits on the goliath of the new HTC range, the One X. From…


HTC One S review: Recipe for a great handset

HTC had a difficult time during 2011; too many handsets watered down their brand and subsequently saw the Asian handset maker lose market share to both Apple and Samsung. Well,…

HTC Sensation XL review

If you love the idea of an iPad but wish you could cram it into your pockets you can either get bigger pockets, start wearing one of these or invest…


HTC Sensation XE: Beats Audio on your smartphone

HTC have recently just announced the arrival of the Sensation XE into the market, and for HTC fans that demand a big more bang from their portable music player it…

The HTC Titan and HTC Radar – Taking multi-tasking smartphones to new heights

HTC has announced two new models to its collection of smartphones – the HTC Titan and the HTC Radar, which have been marketed at various technology events around Europe simultaneously….


Mobile World Congress (MWC) preview

With the Mobile World Congress MWC upon us we thought we’d give you the low-down on what is thought to be unveiled at the world’s largest mobile phone trade show….

HTC Wildfire review: Slow and unsteady loses the smartphone race

I entered my HTC Wildfire experience with an open mind. Android is a noble warrior. It’s battled against the iPhone monopoly, offering perhaps the only other fully-featured smartphone operating system….

HTC HD7 Windows 7 phone review: Surprisingly pretty

HTC called earlier this week: they thought we might like a HD7 smartphone. We scoffed. They sent us one anyway. After about ten seconds, we realised we’d been fools. If…

Not long to wait now – Windows Phone 7 handsets roundup

It’s eight months since Microsoft first revealed its Windows Phone 7 OS, and now the wait is nearly over for you to get your hands on it. October 21 is…


HTC Desire HD and Z Android review roundup

With a lifetimes worth of bells and whistles, HTC launched two new smartphones onto the market on the 15th, as taking another punt at levelling out the playing field and…

HTC & LG to be first to ship WM7 phones

Many of us had written off Microsoft in the mobile phone market, but last week Microsoft unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, a new operating system and a…

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