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The BlackBerry Classic: what the critics think

For many die-hard BlackBerry fans, no phone will suffice over the BlackBerry. There’s just something about battling with that fiddly QWERTY keyboard that they love. But having cast many of…


CES 2015 Video: Zagg’s ‘Pocket’ foldable wireless keyboard

Have you ever found yourself frustrated with the tiny keys on your smartphone or tablet? Ever thought that it would be immensely convenient to have a compact keyboard like the…


Adesso’s Slimtouch 212 brings flexibility and usability to the table

Adesso are best known for making sturdy and rugged keyboards with a price that reflects their build quality, so the low-cost, ultra-flexible SlimTouch 212 is something of a change of…


A KALQ-ulated Gamble: the KALQ Keyboard

Despite its intentionally obtuse layout, the QWERTY keyboard has been a part of our lives since it debuted on a typewriter in the 1880s. However, the increasingly thumb-driven nature of…


The nuts and bolts of Logitech’s new mechanical keyboard

Before we go any further, I would like to say that the keyboard I am typing this on has seen better days. Every keystroke emits a clunky noise, and it…


Jorno: Kickstarter Bluetooth keyboard

Maybe it’s one of those signs that I’m no longer as young as I think I am, but I can’t type for extend periods on my phone. I just feel…


Super-slim, super-speedy Archos tablets – just what the doctor ordered?

Back for another bite of the cherry, or perhaps more likely the Granny Smith, French electronics force Archos is making its third assault on the tablet market, this time with…


Logitech Washable Keyboard K310: Cleaning addicts of the world rejoice!

We’ve all been there… A nervous twitch when the company director comes to introduce himself – or perhaps even more nerve-racking herself – to you for the first time, causing…


Cygnett Keypad Review: Typing on the go

When it comes to writing emails and documents on the iPad, the iPad virtual keyboard can be tricky especially if you use the symbols. Sometimes I miss having the symbols…


Logitech Keyboard Cover: Carry your iPad with confidence

Your iPad is an accident just waiting to happen. Sure, they may be extremely portable allowing you to take them with you pretty much anywhere, but you also expose the…


Review: Maroo Otago Apple wireless keyboard case

I love typing with my iPad. I’m doing it right now. But even though I’m managing with the onscreen keyboard, I much, much prefer to get things down with a…


Hammacher Schlemer’s Virtual Keyboard for iPhone and iPad: A spookily clever device!

How would you feel sat at your desk typing away on a projected laser-generated ‘virtual’ keyboard, pretty surreal I bet? Surreal and futuristic visions of typing away on what fundamentally…


Gear up for war! Logitech announce new Call of Duty-inspired keyboards and mice

With the world and his uncle gibbering in excitement by the prospect of playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, what better way to prepare yourself by investing in a…


New iPad 2 keyboard cases

Like Oliver Twist, the iPad has been a runaway success and has slowly helped transition the consumer tech industry towards the post-PC era. People laughed when the iPad was announced…


Cherry washable keyboard and mouse: Compliant with well overdue cleanliness legislation

Conforming to new legislation in the UK aimed at providing ultra-clean environments in hospital operating theatres and dental practises to limit the possibility of infection, the electronics components company Cherry,…

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