PENTAX Q-S1 mixes things up with over 40 colour combinations

Why go black or grey? With PENTAX there’s no need to follow the old colourless rules of handheld camera design – with over 40 different colour combinations, your camera can be as colourful as its photos.

There are 5 different body colours – Black, Gunmetal, Pure White, Champagne Gold, and Bright Silver. Then you can combine with varied grip colours in Charcoal Black, Cream, Carmine Red, Canary Yellow, Khaki Green, Royal Blue, Burgundy and Pale Pink. When you remember you can also choose a different colour for your lens, you realise there are 40 different colour combinations – the most vivid looking cameras ever made are yours for the taking.

So what’s the deal with the cameras most important function? As a camera PENTAX Q-S1 has been equipped with 12.4 megapixels, A1/1.1-inch back-illuminated CMOS sensor, a sensitivity range of ISO 100-12800 and ultrasonic vibrating ‘DRII’ sensor cleaner. The latter function is great if you do not want to see dust from your lens in your pictures – which is about true for everyone. When you consider all this functionality and remember that it is a very compact, easy to carry camera the Q-S1 quickly becomes a very attractive option – and that’s not just in terms of its colourful appearances.

Pentax Q-S1 body and a standard lens in Champagne Gold with a Khaki Green grip

The screen at the back is 3.0 inch LCD wide-angle back at the front you get a built-in retractable P-TTL flash. All the following optional lenses are available on the PENTAX Q-S1:

PENTAX 01 Standard PRIME 8.5mm F1.9 AL [IF]
PENTAX 02 Standard ZOOM 5-15mm F2.8-4.5
PENTAX 03 Fish-Eye 3.2mm F5.6
PENTAX 04 Toy Lens Wide 6.3mm F7.1
PENTAX 05 Toy Lens Telephoto 18mm F8
PENTAX 06 Telephoto Zoom 15-45mm F2.8
PENTAX 07 Mount Shield Lens
PENTAX 08 Wide Zoom 3.8-5.9mm F3.7-4
Adapter Q for K-mount Lenses

One drawback of the camera, as pointed out by Cnet, is the camera’s lack of wireless functionality: “The camera still doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi, though it still supports Eye-Fi”. Eye-Fi requires the purchase of a small SD-card like attachment for the camera and allows it to communicate wirelessly with computers and storage devices, so the camera can share files without the need for it to be plugged in via USB. While this can be useful for some, it is a shame that wi-fi functionality has not been included, as Eye-Fi requires paying for the attachment, and many similar top-of-the-line cameras have Wi-Fi built in.

On the plus side the camera also includes autofocus while recording videos which allows the camera to produce much higher-quality video with less blur. The camera also includes the ability to mount a K lenses adapter, so the budding photographer can chop and change lenses quickly on-the-fly.

Pentax Q-S1 body’s from left to right in Gunmetal, Champagne Gold, Pure White and Black

You can pre-order the camera at RICOCH Imagine UK for £299.99 (body only) and up to £549.99 for the camera with a 5-15mm lens and a 15-45mm lens included. Shipping will start from the 28th of August 2014.

For more details visit RICOCH Imagine UK ltd.