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dLAN 500 AV Wireless+ Starter Kit Review

As Peter Kay might say, “WiFi, it’s the future – I’ve tasted it”. You realise this is true when your relatives visit and, within minutes of crossing the threshold, proceed…


Bayan Audio Soundbook: Wireless Audio Dynamite

I’ve seen more wireless music docks than I’ve had fish suppers, and I don’t think that my lifelong vegetarianism detracts from that statistic. Some, dare I say most, ellict a…


Sony STR-DN1040 and STR-DN840: Wireless 7.2 Audio and 4K Upscaling

Wireless AV receivers can be a bit of a mixed bag, especially when it comes to video. High definition resolutions can struggle on typical home setups, particularly if a lot…


TRENDnet AC1750 Dual-Band Wireless Router

If you have broadband you probably didn’t buy your own router. It’s a rare ISP these days that doesn’t chuck in a router for free when you sign up to…


AirStash A02: Stream Theatre

I’ve just purchased an iPad mini. And in a dramatic break with tradition I didn’t max out on storage space as I have with pretty much every other Apple device…


Air Copy: Wireless Scanner for all tablets and smartphones

“iPad’s are just for consumption” is one of the more tiresome and persistent “trolling” remarks that was unleashed on Apple’s tablet when it was released in 2010. Well that and…


Harman Kardon BDS: Get home theatre without the drama

If you like your audio integrated, your video on a vast scale and your technology wires-free, the new Harman Kardon BDS home theatre series could be just the ticket –…


TDK Life on Record wireless speaker range

TDK invited us to a big warehouse party in Shoreditch to play with their new range of speakers and headphones. This is because this is not your grandfather’s TDK. TDK…


Sony STR-DN1030: Bringing wireless to cinematic sound

You can say all you want about Sony. Manufacturing behemoth perhaps, with a mind bogglingly huge portfolio; but the bottom line is, you always know what you’re going to get….


New Buffalo wireless networking range

Buffalo Technology, the dons in manufacturing of wired and wireless networking and network, have recently announced that the AirStation 1750 Wireless 802.11n+11ac Gigabit Dual Band Router WZR-D1800H-EU and AirStation 1300…


NetGear NeoTV ProHD: Instant wireless HDTV streaming

Those looking for a TV streaming player would do well to consider the latest offering from networking specialists NetGear. Their recently launched NeoTV ProHD streaming player promises top-notch performance and…


Foxl Portable Hifi Speaker: Portable sound that goes to 11

The early pioneering days of portable hi fi are like golden sunsets for me. A romantic notion it has to be said, but after a few minutes you want to…


TruLink Wireless USB to HDMI kit and swivel cables

CablestoGo continue their lifelong vendetta against Cables with their latest addition to the war on cable tangle. The TruLink Wireless USB to HDMI kit has a mission statement as clear…

Canton wireless HiFi speakers – music to your ears?

A new range of plug and play speaker and accessories has just been launched by Germany’s largest loudspeaker manufacturer, Canton, which on paper look set to be high on any…


Logitech Mini Boombox – the ultimate portable speaker set?

We all know what poor quality most built-in speakers are, especially when it comes to mobile phones. The tinny sound output can become grating at best, and if you are…

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